Jordan Carver Is, Um, A Big Chargers Fan [PHOTOS]

Jordan-Carver-Chargers (1)

So what if the 2012-13 campaign was a train wreck for the San Diego Chargers. At least they’ll have hot chicks, like Jordan Carver, to make them forget their misery. This photo-shoot highlights Carver’s biggest assets in what appears to be a knockoff Philip Rivers jersey.

This is just further proof that it is better to be a loser in Miami or San Diego. The Chargers finished 7-9 last year in one of their most disappointing seasons in recent memory. Do you think that stops Jordan Carver and her 36-HH chesties from shooting in their gear? Hell no.

The Bills were 6-10 and the Browns were 5-11. Think there was ever any possibility Carver wore a Buffalo shirt to that shoot? Do you think there was any discussion for a Cleveland shirt to be brought into the mix?

[All Images via NS4W]   [@jordancarver]   [Jordan Carver – Facebook]

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