Joakim Noah Spent Valentines Day At Twin Peaks Bar In Houston [PHOTOS, TWEETS]



Joakim Noah spent his Valentines Day at an interesting location in Houston. Thursday night Noah threw on his Jesus piece and hit up Twin Peaks, a small chain restaurant known for their “knockout views”.

By knockout views they aren’t talking about mountain range or waterfront views.

The Twin Peaks employee who posted the above photo, also posted this tweet the day Noah rolled through:

Joakim-Noah-Tweet (2)

No word on whether or not Noah got lucky that night.

It looks like he spent early Thursday at an event for the Jeremy Lin Foundation. It also looks like he didn’t waste anytime getting out of there and heading down to Twin Peaks to spend some time with his real fans.

Joakim-Noah-Houston (1)

Can you blame him? Would you rather hang out with that Ivy League nerd Jeremy Lin or with the lovely ladies of Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks, which refers to itself as ‘the ultimate man cave’, seems to be the perfect spot for a single guy to spend Valentines Day. Why? Their self-proclaimed ‘most prized assets: the friendly, attentive, and beautiful Twin Peaks Girls.’

Noah must have really liked the girls. He even blew off a photo opportunity with some fans because he was busy getting “caught up with the ladies”.

Joakim-Noah-Twin-Peaks (3)

Joakim, who made his first All-Star Game appearance last night, finished with 8 points and 10 rebounds in 16 minutes of action.

Get a taste of what Twin Peaks has to offer with these two videos below.

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