ESPN Intern Has Hard Time Spelling Jordan After Week Of ESPN’s Continuous Jordan Coverage & More!



In case you didn’t hear, Michael Jordan turned 50 yesterday and some smartass ESPN intern figured it was a good time to get fired with this fail. Wasn’t last week on ESPN the greatest? It really wasn’t. It was as if Michael Jordan had died. If you’re going to eulogize the guy, at least have a segment on his clothing fails. There wasn’t a single word about Jordan’s wardrobe. Nothing.

There was also nothing about Jordan grinding girls in the clubs. That’s part of the narrative that ESPN refused to cover and it’s a shame.


In NASCAR news, Danica Patrick clinched the pole. More on this later this morning.


The highlight of the NBA All-Star game, of which I watched just the first half, THIS.


WTF? Is that Oscar Robertson behind Tommy Chong? Is that Juwan Howard over Sager’s shoulder?

Picture 1


Odds & Ends:

Picture 3

And, finally, your NY Post covers.

Picture 2

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