ESPN Intern Can’t Keep His Black Guys Straight & More Screencapping Fun!


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Shame on you if your lazy ass sat through last night’s celebrity all-star game. Name one reason, other than to stare at Ryen Russillo’s bald spot or to admire Russell Westbrook’s glasses/attire, that you should’ve been watching that garbage? You can’t.

Baseball’s celebrity game is better than this garbage because they invite chicks like Kate Upton to play.

Even more troubling from last night’s game is that the Associated Press reported on the game. The big news: Usain Bolt dunked.

Anyway, moving along to baseball, Tim Kurkjian (who is working in Arizona) just looking to get slapped by Northerners with this hand between his legs, “I’m cold” moment.



Little Don Cherry last night in Winnipeg. That’s a girl going Cherry, right?

(via @kurchenko)



And here’s what Cherry was wearing last night.

Picture 6

Um, what the hell is this and why? Let’s also keep in mind that Salazar is one of the trainers. Killer body.

Picture 7

Finally, the NY Post:

Picture 8

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