Danny Espinosa Shaves Beard, Hopefully Keeps Hot Girlfriend Sara Mosher

Danny Espinosa Shave LEAD

MLB.com / @sarabethmosher

Washington Nationals’ second baseman Danny Espinosa had a decent season in 2012 (except for those NL-leading strikeouts). Unfortunately, Espinosa and Washington packed away their Nattitude for the year after blowing Game 5 to the Cardinals in the National League Division Series. It was a crappy ending for the team with baseball’s best record in the regular season.

Perhaps as a way of dealing with the disappointment, Espinosa grew a big, bushy beard this winter. Espinosa shaved the beard when he arrived at the Nats’ spring training home in Viera, Fla. this week — stopping along the way to experiment with a Fu Manchu and a Burt Reynolds’ stache. Check the video at MLB.com

The beard certainly didn’t keep Espinosa from landing some hot arm candy for the off-season cocktail party circuit. Here are a few pictures of Espinosa’s babe Sara Mosher. (Confidential to Espinosa: If Sara Mosher liked the beard, grow it back.)

Sarah Mosher - Danny Espinosa 2


Sara Mosher - Danny Espinosa


Sarah Mosher Right


Yes, that's my real name.
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