Alabama Fan Shows Off Kids On Tailgate


Bama Tailgate LEAD

It’s always football season in Alabama. For proof, witness this expert airbrush painting on the tailgate of a Ford F-150 truck seen in Birmingham. It features the following highlights:

• The Alabama script ‘A’ in crimson.
• Three kids wearing crimson and all fauxhawked up.
• Nice gray goalposts and fans.
• The ghostly visage of Bear Bryant looking over everything.

We’re not sure what this fan thinks about the four Alabama football players that were arrested for robbery and fraud in three separate incidents that occurred on the Tuscaloosa campus earlier this week, but knowing how devout the Crimson Tide’s fans can be, he may decide to airbrush those guys on another vehicle.

[h/t: @_TheBlack77 and ThrowTheFlag]

Bama Tailgate


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