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Tubby Smith Shakes His Ass To Ke$ha In Locker Room After Beating Wisconsin [VIDEO]

On a brutally slow night in sports one of the biggest stories was Minnesota’s 58-53 upset of #20 Wisconsin in overtime. Tubby Smith was pumped to get back on track in Big 10 play and his enthusiasm showed in the locker room in dance form.

Tubby was showing more excitement than we’ve seen out of him in a while. His post-game speech, short and sweet:

Today is a wonderful day, fellas…Valentine’s Day!

Then, in what is becoming a disturbing trend in locker room antics, someone cued up the Ke$ha and the Gophers started grooving.

Tubby stole the show with some sort of bounce-slide combo that only an old guy could pull off effectively.

Minnesota forward Trevor Mbakwe eventually picks Tubby up in a pretty uncomfortable manner. Isn’t Tubby too old for these antics? Can his body take that type of abuse?

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