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Shane Battier Isn’t Afraid To Take Russell Westbrook’s Cobra For The Team & More Screencapping Fun!

You gotta hand it to Shane Battier for standing in and taking a charge that included a face full of Russell Westbrook’s package. You won’t see LeBron playing that kind of defense in a Heat, 110-100 win over OKC. Of course NBA idiots thought that last night actually meant something in the grand scheme of the season.

It’s one f-ing game in mid-February that nobody will remember in 10 days. San Antonio has the NBA’s best record, 42-12, and there’s not one game you remember besides the one where Pops sat his starters against the Heat.

That’s because regular season NBA is completely worthless. As always, wake me in mid-May.

*Kisses, NBA dorks*

Picture 6

Picture 8

Odds & Ends:

Wait until ESPN hears about this.




Finally, the NY Post doesn’t mind throwing a bikini shot of Oscar’s dead girlfriend on its cover. That takes big newspaper balls.

Picture 9

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