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LeBron Caught With Wad Of…$20s On SportsCenter? [PHOTOS, TWEETS]

No, we weren’t watching the late edition of SportsCenter last night. Thankfully BC tipster @jsaah1 was watching as the LeBron love fest continued and noticed something interesting: a wad of cash sitting in plain sight right in LeBron’s locker.

We received the tip this morning on Twitter:

LeBron-Money-Tweet (6)

He brings up a good point…is LeBron rolling with only $20’s? Another guy on Twitter has a different opinion on the situation:

LeBron-Money-Tweet (7)

I seem to remember Cosmo Kramer saying in the infamous ‘Reverse Peep-Hole‘ episode of Seinfeld that you are supposed to “keep the big bills on the outside”.

We’ll leave it up for you to decide. Even if it is just $20’s, he’s gotta be pushing at least $500 in that money clip.

LeBron-Money-Tweet (1)

LeBron-Money-Tweet (2)

LeBron-Money-Tweet (4)

LeBron-Money-Tweet (3)

LeBron-Money-Tweet (5)

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