NHL Fights: Antoine Roussel Vs. Jarome Iginla


How rare is it for Jarome Iginla, a guy with 1,081 career NHL points, to drop the gloves? Last night’s fight with Antoine Roussel was his first this season and sixth in the last three years. It’s not that rare, but still impressive to see a guy who consistently goes 30-30+ in the goals-assists department to throw down.

As for Roussel, he was playing in just his sixth NHL game and decided to tangle with a pro’s pro. Kudos to the 23-year-old for swinging with Jarome.

The Stars’ bench liked it so it seems Antoine will be sticking around for a few more games.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RT0I_Rd45iU?list=UUxplsYwPGQVKyiopBAdCMYA]

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