MSG Network Axed An Intern Over This Obvious Mistake & More Screencapping Fun!

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I put this one on Twitter last night and had four guys say they couldn’t spot the mistake. Are you kidding me? If you’re an intern and you can’t get that last name right there is a special unemployment line for you on Valentine’s Day. Come one, interns, get it together.

If you care, the Raptors beat the Knicks, 92-88.

Then there’s this ESPN intern fail from tipster Nate C.


Dammit, come on!


Barry Switzer enjoying fans getting drilled by some basketball player flying into the first row at Duke-North Carolina.


Odds & Ends:

Picture 6

Picture 7

Your Valentine’s NY Post – excellent use of “big-ass” and “bum” on same cover. Solid effort after such a slow news period after the Super Bowl.

Picture 5

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