Kate Upton: Has Seen “All Of The Star Wars” & She Won’t Be Going To Spring Training



Our friends at 106.7 The Fan in D.C. (@Holdenradio) snagged one of the hundreds of Kate Upton interviews offered up this week by Sports Illustrated and stayed away from the normal fluff questions. These guys went straight to the moneyshot.

(Interview audio)

We have a bet going. Have you ever seen Star Wars?:

“Of course. I’ve seen all of the Star Wars.”

Dear God.

Yet, there’s more.

You’re a big baseball fan. Are you going to spring training?:

“No, I’m not going to go just because I’m going to be working a lot. … They kind of kick off your career into a lot of jobs.”

Wait, what was that second sentence? Someone get this poor girl a little sleep.

And there’s more.

What were the penguins like in Antarctica?:

“I loved the penguins. I even have a phone case now that says, ‘Keep calm and love penguins,’ because I think they’re one of my new favorite animals. They’re so cute and awkward.”

Is there anybody that you have that’s a swimsuit model rival?:

“No, because you know what, I think that modeling really is more of an individual competition. I always try to make myself be better. I never look at other people and compete with them.”

Justin Verlander must love when she just looks hot in a bikini and doesn’t get all intellectual.

[More of interview at Sports Radio Interviews]

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