Sharks Vs. Nashville Predators Fan Fight Includes Helluva Haymaker Whiff! [VIDEO]



What happens when San Jose Sharks fan gets together with his old Nashville Predators friends? They get into a fan fight in the 100 level. That was the case last night at Bridgestone Arena where Sharks fan took a swing at Shea Weber fan. What led to the fan fight? Who knows? Beer?

It’s rare for us to run into footage of a hockey fan fight in Nashville. In fact, this might be the first Nashville fan fight that has ever run on Busted Coverage. It’s super rare.

Philly-Boston-New Jersey-Buffalo-Pittsburgh are better options. Nashville? 100 level? Are you kidding? And how does Sharks fan just randomly end up in Nashville throwing haymakers? So many questions.

As for the game, Nashville won, 1-0.

From what we hear, some of the fan fight showed up on the Predators broadcast. If you have the footage, send it along. Let’s give Nashville credit for getting into the fan fight game.

[via @snyder023, @madison_trotter]


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