Brett Favre Wielding Chainsaw In Hattiesburg Tornado Cleanup Effort [PHOTOS]



Brett Favre is again proving why he is the ultimate American hero, this time with a chainsaw. Does he need to out in the woods cleaning up his hometown? Does he need to be getting his hands dirty after making roughly $100 million in his career? No.

What you see here is the old gunslinger doing his part to clean up his battered hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


Yesterday he was taking care of business in a Bobcat. Now? He’s looking like a boss dicing up trees with the chainsaw.

Why all the manual labor for Favre? Well aside from it being his hometown, when he saw his place of employment, Oak Grove High School, in shambles he must’ve been driven to action.

Favre Tweet

Either that, or @bradc509 is on to something with this tweet:

Favre Tweet 2

[h/t Kissing Suzy Kolber, via @MrYoYoSmith]

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