MMA Fighters B.J. Penn & Matt Hughes Get Close On Motorcycle [PHOTO]

BJ Penn- Matt Hughes

Over the years the MMA community has gotten hit with the ‘gay’ tag more than once. We get that. Casual viewers see two guys rolling around, grabbing each others junk and it looks pretty ‘gay’.

All of that is just part of the sport, however this photo of B.J. Penn and Matt Hughes (9-time UFC champion) definitely raises some eyebrows.

Not only is B.J. happily wrapping his arms around Hughes, but to make matters worse he is straddling him and squeezing…tight.

Okay, guys ride motorcycles together sometimes, right? Sure, but the accompanying tweet from Penn is the icing on the cake:

BJ Penn Tweet

The “Lol (:” combo is a brutal move by Penn. He is asking for ridicule and we’re here to give it to him.

Have you seen B.J. Penn and Matt Hughes cruising around town on a Harley? Have you seen the two sharing a latte at your local coffee shop?

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