Injured Lolo Jones: “I Don’t Want To Die A 30-Year-Old Virgin” [PHOTOS]

Lolo Jones Injury (1)

Lolo Jones made quite the splash when she announced she was making the switch from track to bobsledding. She’s been training recently in Russia and it appears she sustained her first bobsled related injury today.

Although we haven’t heard exactly how it happened, she did say there was blood and that stitches were required. As an added wrinkle, the road was closed as she was trying to leave to get treatment. Poor Lolo.

Lolo Jones Injury (2)

This isn’t the first time Lolo has hit a bump in the road while training for bobsled. She suffered her first crash back in December but came out of that mostly unharmed. She was in good spirits then and was even cracking jokes:

Forget my legs and arms. I’m still single!

Lolo bounced back nicely from that crash and ended up winning the gold at the team event in the World Championships in late January.

Hopefully this injury ends up being just another minor bump in the road as her and the rest of Team U.S.A prepare for the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, this tweet gets us worried…stay safe over there Lolo!

Lolo Jones Training Tweet

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