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Gronk Wears His “Sorry For Partying” Tank Top During Universal Studios Stop [PHOTOS]

Not one to let a horrible trend die off, Gronk and Team Jizz Blaster invaded Universal Studios in Orlando over the weekend for some rides, hijinks with commoners and some sun on the guns while wearing “Sorry for Partying” tank tops.

Certain Boston media finally got their way. Gronk isn’t pounding beers, slamming bros on dance floors and going shirtless in some Baton Rouge college bar. He toned it down with some innocent fun of being slammed around in a roller coaster.

Wait, should Gronk be riding roller coasters with a broken arm? Of course he should.

That’s your hero with former NFLer and WWE trainee Dean Muhtadi, one of the founding Jizz Blaster partners.

You win, Boston media.









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