Drunk, Bald, Middle-Aged Maple Leafs Fan Rocks Out To Nirvana At Last Night’s Game; Shaka Sign?


The Maple Leafs thumped the Flyers 5-2 last night in Toronto and the big highlight on the Internet is of middle-aged, bald, Canadian natural gas executive guy who had a few too many Molson Canadians on a Monday night.

And then the arena DJ dropped some Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

That’s all it took Pascal to unleash his inner 1993 when he would slam imported Old Milwaukee like it was water and go NHL goon at college bars.

Look at his passion. It’s like you’re looking into his past. The bar fights. The ladies in flannel skirts throwing themselves at him.

But, Pascal, didn’t you mean to throw up devil horns instead of the shaka sign?