Detroit Pistons Having Trouble Selling Tickets & More Screencapping Fun!

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Our buddy @WorldofIsaac ventured to the Palace of Auburn Hills last night for the Pistons-Hornets game and snapped this shot of the massive crowd that turned out to watch New Orleans win, 105-86. The announced attendance was 10,177. The place holds 22,000.

As you can see, there are four upper deck sections without a single customer. Sure, we’re talking about the 20 win Pistons and the Hornets with just 18 wins. The Pistons are 28th in attendance (avg. 14,000/game), only trailing the Hornets and Kings.

A floor view:

Picture 7

Tipsters tell us Brent Musburger had a helluva finish to last night’s Kansas-Kansas State game, saying about the Jayhawks’ Ben McLemore, “What a night for that young man; he’s only 20, so we won’t be inviting him out with us tonight.”

While the Pope gives up on life, Musburger, 73, just keeps getting stronger by the game.



In case you didn’t realize yesterday, pitchers and catchers officially reported on Monday.

Picture 5

Finally, last night on Raw:

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