Brett Favre Helped Clean Up Hattiesburg Tornado Damage In A Bobcat


What does Brett Favre do after a tornado hits his hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi? He gets into a Bobcat and starts cleaning storm damage, according to NBC-Milwaukee sports anchor @lanceallan, who yesterday tweeted out this action shot. That is the Gunslinger working through the rain and mud to get order restored.

The school where Favre serves as the offensive coordinator – Oak Grove – suffered significant damage to its sports facilities, according to TV station WLOX.

Was he wearing Wranglers during the Bobcat(ing) work? We’ll go with yes.

Meanwhile, in a New York courtroom, the Jets massage therapist lawsuit against Favre for sexual harassment rolls along. Lawyers are to the deposing stage of the case.

[ ‏@lanceallan]

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