Ravens Fan Gets His Head Stomped In Post-Super Bowl Fight [VIDEO]


It’s amazing that even a full week after Super Bowl XLVII new fan fight videos are surfacing. The one posted above is hands down the most brutal we’ve seen. It involves a 2-on-1 girl fight (including one porker) and a brutal 3-on-1 beating which ended in a stomping induced KO.

The first 2:24 of the video is all build-up, a lot of nonsensical sh*t talking. Once you get past the ghetto banter you’ll see some of the most raw, brutal fight footage of the year.

We’ve gotta say it was a pretty horrible decision by the big guy to chase down the other crew and go 1-on-3. He was asking for a brutal Baltimore style beat-down and that’s just what he got.

P.S. Is Baltimore the scariest place on the planet? Joe mentioned Kabul, but Baltimore has to be top 5 right? Top 3?

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