NBA Grandfathers Acting Like Giant Hardos & More Weekend Screencapping Fun!



Was that a helluva sports weekend or what? Worthless NBA games, Pebble Beach without Tiger Woods, more worthless college basketball games and some NHL. The best news of the weekend was that Katy Perry unleashed her drones at the Grammys. Otherwise it was a waste of a weekend.

I spent like 10 minutes Saturday night trying to watch some of the Pistons-Bucks game just so see how hard worthless NBA teams play in February. It was humorous. And Milwaukee could’ve closed off the top of the arena.

The only good NBA news this weekend – this guy popped a griz.



And this grandpa… (via @WorldofIsaac)






In NHL news, this kid is coming straight for Don Cherry’s job.

Picture 5


In X-Games news…

Picture 6


Even the NY Post had a slow weekend.

Picture 7

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