Lincoln Withers Receives 18 Stitches After Brutal Rugby Injury [PHOTOS]


Lincoln-Withers-Head-Injury Lead

Australian rugby player Lincoln Withers, a 31-year-old halfback on Hull KR, suffered a brutal head injury requiring 18 stitches in the first minute of Saturday’s Hull KR-Wakesfield match. Withers told media that it was just a “scratch.”


Rugby players are some of the toughest mofos on the planet and although we’re not enthusiasts we can appreciate the beating these guys take every time they step on the field.

Withers was actively tweeting after he received the 18-stitches which were required to seal the wound. Somehow he stayed positive and seemed to take the nasty injury pretty lightly.

Withers-Tweet (1)

Withers-Tweet (2)

Guys like Lincoln Withers are why rugby is our favorite international sport over soccer. If this happened in soccer we wouldn’t hear the end of it. Withers is shaking it off like a champ. Hell, we’re surprised he didn’t return later in the match.

Wakesfield beat Hull KR, winning the match 36-20.

[h/t @HolmfirthBarn] [@linc07o]

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