Karl Malone Has Spiral Slide In His Family Room, Is Quite The Handyman



Karl Malone has a spiral slide in his family room?! Of course he does. How the hell else do you expect him to quickly get from his bedroom the the kitchen for a midnight snack?

The above photo was taken on Super Bowl Sunday. The Malone’s had a little gathering at their house and friends and family enjoyed the big game together. That’s Malone’s son, Karl Jr. (who recently committed to Les Miles & LSU) front and center.

Their spread legitimately looked like one of the most dull we’ve ever seen at a Super Bowl party. Malone’s wife, Kay (@mamail), was tweeting the proceedings and posted photos of Fanta, nachos, dip and some beans.

Not one chicken wing, beer or pizza was anywhere to be seen. We know who wears the pants in this relationship.


BONUS PHOTO: Karl Malone Squirrel Hunting With His Son

Malone Hunting

[Images via @mamail]

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