Dustin Johnson Has Officially Made Paulina Gretzky Boring [PHOTOS]


Paulina-Gretzky (5)

We last checked in on Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson a little over a week ago. The happy couple was getting pretty intimate in a club. We thought Paulina and her reckless, care-free lifestyle was rubbing off on the PGA pro. Well, we were dead wrong.

Paulina Gretzky is now officially boring. What used to be one of the best Instagram accounts in the game has now become anything but that.

Gone are the days of spread eagle hot tub shots. Gone are those glorious cleavage filled party photos.

Oh wait! She went to Pebble Beach last weekend. Yawn.

Paulina-Gretzky (2)

Since February 1st, the only action on her and Dustin’s page have been some serious boyfriend/girlfriend photos and pictures of dogs. We’re one more boring couple photo away from unsubscribing from both of their pages.

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