Brett Favre Tipping 66% For Dinner On Deanna’s Credit Card


Brett Favre is a helluva tipper – on Deanna’s credit card. As you can see, the Gunslinger and his wife last week racked up a nice bill and then made the math easy on that $60.22 bill.

For those of you who aren’t quick with a calculator, that’s a 66% tip. The guy made about $100 million during his NFL career.

According to @coreyrharrison:

Served Brett Favre tonight. He was kewl.

And that was it.

You might remember back in 2012 when Peyton Manning left a $422 tip on a $739 bill at a North Carolina steak house. The Angus Barn server was fired for revealing Manning’s tip.

Have you served an athlete who as left you a crazy tip that can be documented? Are you a stripper with a crazy athlete tipping story? Let us know.