Bob Costas Buys Humble Newport Beach, CA Pad To Relax & Skinny Dip [PHOTOS]


Bob Costas, the self-appointed voice of reason on gun control, has been busy this winter in Newport Beach, CA buying a $4.7 million beach house where gun violence shouldn’t be an issue. Our friends at report that Bob’s new home is in the highly exclusive Crystal Cove community where we’d expect shootings aren’t a normal occurrence.

This place has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, 4,534 sq. ft. and is in the same hood as fried chicken eating pitcher John Lackey.

We located Casa Costas to 22 Coral Cay in Newport Beach. A quick Google Maps search tells us that Bob lives 13.5 from the Orange County Armory. Or 13.8 miles to Glenn’s Rod & Gun.

He’s 20 miles from the nearest strip club – California Girls.