Did Dwayne Wade Go Mortal Kombat At Metta World Peace? [VIDEO]

Wade Mortal Kombat kick LEAD


The Miami Heat were in playoff form today, as they dismantled the Los Angeles Lakers, 102-88. During the second half of the game, Heat star Dwayne Wade seemingly went all Mortal Kombat on Ron Artest  Metta World Peace as he went to the basket. From the sidelines, it looked like Wade nearly connected, but animated, under-the-basket footage shows that’s not the case.

Wade Mortal Kombat Kick


[H/T: @cjzero]

It didn’t look intentional, but if D-Wade had connected with World Peace’s nut sack, the teams might still be fighting at the American Airlines Arena.

One fan ready to fight: rapper Lil’ Wayne, who says he got tossed from the Heat’s arena because he was cheering for the Lakers.

Lil Wayne is not hoping for a repeat for the Heat.

Yes, that's my real name.
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