Ohio State Grandma Shakes It To Gangnam Style, Doesn’t Suffer Heart Attack [VIDEO]


And here we thought Gangnam Style was over. Not at Ohio State where grandma Sandy Flenner is now being called Grandma Gangnam after last night’s performance during a timeout at the women’s double-OT win over Wisconsin.

Normally this video would just be thrown to scrap pile. But hold up. How old is Flenner? She looks 70 and is busting moves like a 20-something grinding on Mark Cuban in a Bloomington bar.

What do we know about this Flenner chick? Very little. She’s just some sort of OSU women’s basketball booster who likes to shake it to Gangnam Style.

Something tells us she tore up High St. back in the ’50s.

[HT: @Brutus_Buckeye]

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