NEW! Larisa Fraser Braun Bikini Photos For Venus Swimwear


Larisa-Fraser-Bikini (2)

Larisa Fraser in a bikini is exactly what we need on a day like this. It’s freezing cold and a massive blizzard is about to ruin our weekend, but at least we can count on Larisa to keep us warm, right?

Fraser, Brewers slugger Ryan Braun’s fiance, recently shot these photos for Venus Swimwear.

If you are Braun would you pay her off to get her to stop modeling? The guy just signed a $105 million extension through 2020 and is probably sick of his fiance parading her T&A around for everyone to gawk at.

Larisa-Fraser-Bikini (4)

Either way, we won’t complain and will continue to sit here and shamelessly stare at these new bikini photos.

[Larisa Fraser Facebook] [Official Website]

[h/t The Supermodel Beach and Bikini House]

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