Kelly Ripa On Joe Flacco’s Short Wife: “That’s Gotta Be A Fun Party” [VIDEO]


Joe Flacco was on the Kelly & Michael Show  this morning, making the usual post Super Bowl media stops. What was initially a dull, standard talk show interview took an interesting twist when Flacco’s height (6’6″) came up.

Kelly Ripa got a little aroused. Then she asked how tall Flacco’s wife was. Joe informed us that she was about 5′, pretty close to being a legal midget.

Kelly gets even more aroused:

Wow, that’s gotta be a fun party!

What followed was one of the most awkward silences in morning talk show history. They cut back to the shy Flacco with his head down, awkwardly laughing. Kelly kept going, playfully tapping Joe and continued to say:

You know what I mean, Joe? You get it?

Thankfully Strahan came to the rescue with the tension breaking comment, because who knows just how long Flacco would have kept his head down after that one.

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