HOLY SH**! Alaska MMA Fight Ends When Fighter Is Folded Over Like A Quesadilla [VIDEO]


One of the most unique, yet brutal MMA KO’s we’ve seen in a while took place at a Solid As A Rock Fighting Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska last Friday. Collin Reuter and Gerald Fike were dueling when all of a sudden Reuter caught Fike with a nasty right hand.

The KO comes in at around the :38 second mark.

Fike was caught completely off-guard and took the punch at full force. What happened next was scary.

Fike was immediately out cold and his body bent backwards, forming almost a “U” shape as he was falling to the mat. Yes, his head hit the ground before any other part of his body. No, we didn’t know that was possible.

According to the NY Post:

Reuter is 8-1-1 with four submissions and three knockouts.

Here is another video with more footage and another angle of the KO:

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