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ESPN Claims Unranked Illinois Beat #1 Illinois & More Screencapping Fun!

Now that’s a helluva win by Illinois. You’ve heard of teams beating themselves. Except that didn’t happen last night in Champaign. Illinois actually beat Indiana, 74-72, via buzzer-beater. Who will actually win March Madness? Kansas has lost two straight. Indiana can’t win when they’re #1, Michigan lost at Indiana, Duke loses when they can’t hit an outside shot. Maybe Florida really is the team to beat.

What we know is that it’s early February and college basketball still doesn’t matter. Wake us on March 1.

Picture 5

In NHL news, what if the white Tim Thomas looked like the black Tim Thomas from the NBA?


Odds & Ends:

Bill Walton showing off post moves again.

Picture 6




Finally, the Post is just getting warmed up for blizzard coverage.

Picture 7

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