Vince Young Now Playing Coed Flag Football



According to @parkerdjackson that’s Vince Young Sunday playing coed flag football before the Super Bowl. There is also chatter that VY – former NFL quarterback, BCS champion and current UT student – is trying to be the signal caller for a University of Texas rec flag football team.

However, there is also chatter that the rec league officials might not let the guy with 31 career NFL wins QB the team. BOOOOO!

Michael Wheeler is a Texas wide receiver who rarely plays.



But, wait for it…

Picture 5


We’re not sure why the UT rec officials are making such a big deal about VY QBing a team. You’d think they would want the guy to stay sharp, work on his game and land another NFL contract so he can donate even more money back to the school.

What are we missing here? The guy is taking 16 credit hours. Why create special rules forcing Vince out of his comfort zone?

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