Kristin Cavallari Defends Jay Cutler: ‘He Proposed In Cabo!’ [TWEETS]


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Sure, we’ve done our fair share of Cutler-Cavallari bashing here on BC. That being said, we didn’t jump on the “news” yesterday that Jay Cutler proposed to Cavallari via text message. Why? Well there was nothing behind it. It was all stupid speculation.

Now we’re glad we didn’t post this nonsense like every other site did because Cavallari tweeted confirmation that it was all BS.

Kristin-Cavallari-Tweet (2)

The thing is, we truly believe Kristin. She said she was misquoted and we believe it. Cutler might come off as a pompous douche, but there is no way he’s mailing a ring that probably cost well into five-figures.

Cavallari’s tweet rocked the Twitter world an incited a variety of responses  some funny, some supportive and some mean. Here are a few of the highlights.

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