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Drunk Ravens Chick, Part 2: “Shannon Sharpe Can Kiss My Ass” [VIDEO]



How our friend Rebecca hasn’t become an internet sensation is a mystery. Part of this video features yesterdays footage, however the new stuff might be her best yet. She rambles about how they won, how she thought she was bad luck and why she hates Shannon Sharpe.

Yes, the same Shannon Sharpe who won a Super Bowl in Baltimore back in 2000.

The Sharpe quotes start up towards the end of the video, right around the 5:25 mark. She blatantly leans in and intrudes on her neighbors conversation and drops gems like “Shannon Sharpe can kiss my ass though” and “F*ck Shannon Sharpe”.

Then she spills an entire beer all over herself. This girl needs to become an internet sensation and it needed to happen yesterday. Make it happen BC.

You’re looking at the face of the internet’s next big thing:

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