Auburn Student Cam Newton Leading Cheers Last Night Against Alabama & More Screencapping Fun!


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That’s right, Cam Newton was leading cheers last night in the Auburn student section during the Alabama basketball game. Let’s not forget, the guy is an Auburn student. When in Rome, right? The Tigers managed an ugly 49-37 win over Bama. How ugly was this game? Bama shot 28.6% from the field while Auburn was at 34%.

How ugly was this game? Alabama was 2-19 from 3-point range. It was ugly.

(via @AUAthletics)

That would be new Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn. He sorta knows Newton. (via @myfoxal)


Meanwhile, in Oxford, Miss., Eli was panty dropping. (via @jchaney11)


In Stillwater, OK, is this head even possible?


Odds & Ends:

Have you ever seen so many military guys guarding such a small contingent of Jamaican soccer fans?


Picture 5


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