50 Best Instagram Photos Of Stephy C – Chicago Bulls Superfan

Stephy C has been one of our favorite sexy superfans for a while now. She’s been featured in Playboy and is not shy about her allegiances to Chicago sports. The above photo recently caught our eye and felt it was a good time to highlight one of the best Instagram accounts out there.

The photo came with the following caption:

 I don’t have any Bulls gear so I had to improvise with this shopping bag, lol. Someone should buy me some ;)

Either that, or don’t buy her any because that means we might get lucky with a few more photos of Stephy posing with that bag.

Stephy-C-Instagram-Photos (2)

The Bulls are 29-19 and sit at 4th in the East without their superstar PG Derrick Rose. With superfans like Stephy C cheering them on it’s no wonder Joakim Noah, Nate Robinson and the crew are motivated on a nightly basis.

[juststephyc Instagram]

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