Uriah Hall Knocks Out Adam Cella With Brutal Round 1 Kick [VIDEO]


Wow. Just, wow. The roundhouse kick that Uriah Hall planted right on the side of Adam Cella’s head was one of the worst looking KO’s we’ve seen in a long time. The fight was aired during last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 17.

Hall, who has already been impressing UFC brass, showed no hesitation. A mere :06-seconds into the match and he had already connected with the brutal kick. According to a tweet from UFC head Dana White, Cella was unconscious for a full four minutes.

Ultimate Fighter Tweet

Since we didn’t know a lot about Hall we did a little digging. According to Sportsmasher:

Uriah Hall is extremely talented. His kicks come from seemingly nowhere and have extreme power combined with excellent placement. He is not there yet. He is quick, but consistently drops his hands, and he will get caught if he does not improve his defense.

Damn right his kicks come out of nowhere.

Thankfully reports are coming in that Cella is in fact okay and has seemingly recovered nicely from the kick.

[h/t Bobs Blitz via Sportsmasher]

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