Gronk Also Competed In Rope Drill Race At Cosmo Super Bowl Party



While everyone is freaking out over Gronk dropping a DDT on a friend while dancing shirtless in some Vegas club, we’ve been trying to track down video of our hero competing in a rope drill race at the Cosmopolitan Super Bowl party.

Again, the arm is broken, but this guy has partied like a machine over the last two offseasons without further hurting himself.

So he took part in a rope drill race. What’s the worst that could happen? You ever hear of a guy who broke an arm doing the rope drill? Of course not. This guy is a professional athlete.

The guy was paid by the Cosmo to party. He’s not the type to not give fans their monies worth.

We’ve looked everywhere. The above photo seems to be a screencap of a video. If you know of a Gronk Cosmo rope drill video, let us know.

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