Flyers’ Zac Rinaldo Drops B.J. Crombeen With Hockey TKO Of The Year [VIDEO]


Zac Rinaldo, notorious tough guy for the Philadelphia Flyers, made quite an impression last night. He challenged B.J. Crombeen to a fight midway through the first period.

The end result was not a fight, but a merciless beat-down in which Crombeen may have been momentarily knocked out cold. Crombeen walked right into the knockout blow and proceeded to catch two more shots to the head on his way down.

Apparently Rinaldo wasn’t concerned about the damage he just caused. These two photos tell the whole story of the fight. Oh, and the Flyers won 2-1 improving to 4-6 on the season.

Zac Rinaldo (1)

B.J. Crombeen (1)

[h/t Crossing Broad]

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