Colin Kaepernick Partied Shirtless, Gave Out Body Shots [PHOTO]

In the current issue of National Enquirer, the notorious tabloid is running some pretty scandalous photos of Super Bowl losing quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

They have released one photo on their site and it shows Kaep laying down with multiple bikini-clad women cowering over him, most likely post body-shot. They are reporting that this all took place on a Carnival Cruise ship somewhere around Mexico.

According to eyewitness reports:

They approached Colin as soon as they saw him. He immediately flashed his abs at the half-naked girls, and he totally went for it when they asked if they could do body shots off him.

Might we have a West Coast Gronk blossoming right before our eyes? Remember it was only last summer when Gronk was pounding body shots in Florida.

Having these two dueling each other for the NFL’s biggest poon-chasing, party animal would be a treat to watch. One can only hope Kaep keeps up the antics.

[h/t National Enquirer]

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