Who Was Boobs McGee At The Beanpot?

Who Was Boobs McGee At The Beanpot?

Well, hello Boobs McGee. Our friend Alex at Ride The Pine says that last night he just happened to turn on the Beanpot tournament game featuring Harvard vs. Boston College when a pair of voluptuous cans appeared out of thin air right behind the penalty box.

Now comes the fun part. Who is this jersey chaser, Boobs McGee?


She obviously wants recognized for that impressive cleav-bomb. No woman drops that much cleav salad without thinking about being featured on a sports blog the next morning. You don’t show off the Mississippi River of cleav without ulterior motives.

So you guys should do your thing.

• Probably not a Harvard student

• Looks to be 22-25

• Brown hair

Now that we’re firmly into hockey season, it seems that the boobs are busting out. You might remember last week when two blondes unleashed some cleav on the L.A. Kings bench. This is a trend we fully support.

[Hello Beanpot – Ride The Pine]


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