Shirtless Gronk Slams Friend On Stage At Vegas Nightclub [VIDEO, PHOTOS]


The off-season of Gronk has officially begun. Sunday night he was filmed on stage at a Las Vegas nightclub body-slamming his buddy. It was all done in jest, but throw in the fact that Gronk has a very expensive arm that is recovering from multiple breaks, Belichick can’t be happy.

He appears to have bought a one-way ticket to Vegas and flew out of New Orleans on Super Bowl Sunday. He just couldn’t miss the Redfoo (from the group LMFAO) show at XS being held that night.

Gronk Dancing

Although this is a pretty typical Gronk move that normally might get a pass from the Patriots, the cast definitely changes things.

Gronk-Vegas-Cast (1)

First was the shirtless partying and make-out photos from Louisiana, and now this. The NFL off-season has barely kicked off and Gronk is already stealing headlines. We love it. We can’t wait for the shenanigans when Team Jizz Blaster heads down to Florida to christen Gronk’s new Tampa mansion.

[h/t TMZ, XS Las Vegas]

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