Ravens’ Super Bowl Parade Includes Flasher & Fans Scaling M&T Bank Stadium Fences [30 PHOTOS]


Ravens-Victory-Parade (2)

The Ravens Super Bowl victory parade is going exactly how you’d expect it to. Topless chicks, crowds ignoring police barricades and fans scaling fences were witnessed.

Attendees rumored to be in the 80,000+ vicinity packed the streets of Baltimore and M&T Bank Stadium to welcome their boys home. Remember, this is a Tuesday with the parade starting at 10:45 a.m.

The city’s population is a little over 600,000, so with 80,000+ in attendance the employment rate isn’t looking too hot. Either that or there were a lot of sick days taken.

With free parking, free attendance and a parade route that stretched from North of the harbor all the way to the stadium, the locals were treated to hours of free entertainment and debauchery.

Also worth noting is this, from a WJZ-Baltimore reporter:

The turnout seems more enthusiastic than when the Pope visited Baltimore.

Well, duh.

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