Some Crazy Boston Herald Broad On ESPN Trying To Tell Gronk To Tone It Down [VIDEO]


Who in the hell does Boston Herald Pats’ beat writer Karen Guregian (@kguregian) think she is? This crazy broad went on ESPN today telling the world that it might be time for Gronk to tone down his fun. She’s talking specifically about the shirtless Gronk who is running a DDT train on his buddy at a Vegas nightclub.

What is wrong with this Guregian chick? You mean to tell me you’re worried about this guy injuring his arm? Do you not realize that the only place Gronk gets hurt is on the playing field? The guy has an insane safety record away from the field.


Just think of all the party rockin’ this guy has done over the last three years. Not a single injury. None. The guy was party rockin’ last year with his ankle in a cast. I didn’t hear Karen bitching about Spring Break ’12 when Gronk was drunken & shoving pizza in his face while hanging in a golf cart.

Where were you, babe? You can’t cage a beast that just wants to get shirtless and fist pump in his walking boot. The Summer of Gronk has begun a little early this year. Deal with it, hun.



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