Texans Fan Drops $800 On Two Texans Cheerleaders To Work His Super Bowl Party


Our longtime photographer friend in Houston, Scott B., sent word today that he threw a blowout Super Bowl party. It’s no secret that Scott appreciates cheerleaders. He has sent us thousands of photos over the last couple years. It’s no secret he appreciates the Houston Texans cheerleaders.

So Scott hired two Texans cheerleaders to work his Super Bowl party. That’s Mackenzie, left, and Iya.

Texans didn’t make the Superbowl but at least I got to have them at my Superbowl party

The obvious question I had was: How much, how long and what did they do while at the party?

Scott reports:

800 2 girls 1 hour, but they [signed] a bunch of posters

Um, let that number sink in for a minute. It’s unclear if the Texans jacked up the price for a home visit or if this is the normal rate. The team doesn’t list prices to hire cheerleaders.

Look, some guys want to take $800 to Vegas on Super Bowl weekend to blow on the craps table. Others want to take the $800 and go on a Texans roadie to Nashville. Others want to blow $800 on women at strip clubs.

Scott wanted the ultimate cheerleader party favor. Don’t hate the guy.

How did the hour go?

They said they have never been asked to do a Superbowl party before. Will definetly [SIC] will do again