Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb During Super Bowl Postgame [VIDEO]

Joe Flacco Super Bowl Curse

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a hell of a game in Super Bowl 47, especially the first half, when he threw three touchdown passes and made his team seem unbeatable. For his work — and because the Ravens’ defense didn’t fully crap the bed and let the 49ers come back and win the game — Flacco was named Super Bowl MVP.

After the game, Flacco milled around the field with teammates, as the confetti fell from the Superdome roof. Flacco decided it was “fuckin’ awesome” that the Ravens had won and the CBS audio picked up his enthusiasm and broadcast it nationally to millions of viewers. Ray Ray may make Joe do extra penance for that sin.

Here’s the video:

There’s an s-word in there, too. CBS is probably going to hear from the FCC, but Flacco probably won’t hear from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, especially after Goodell didn’t levy any discipline on the players who screwed up seemingly every time they talked during Super Bowl week.

[H/T: nilic37]

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