Huge Canadian Hells Angels & Mafia Super Bowl Gambling Party Raided By SWAT Team



Canadian cops really know how to ruin a Super Bowl party. Toronto media reported last night that police busted a Markham, Ontario bash attended by an estimated 2,500, including members of the Hells Angels and mafia.

According to the National Post:

Police swooped in shortly after the first quarter of the Super Bowl got under way. Patrons had been served an appetizer plate and pasta but had not yet been served their main course when the raid came.

Officers worked their way through the crowd, apparently looking for specific people. Police went from table-to-table looking at patrons’ faces, occasionally grabbing someone and telling other officers they “got one,” Mr. Caruso said.

A female office took the microphone for the hall’s public address system and announced that the building was being raided for illegal gambling, he said.

A coordinator of the event then addressed the crowd over the public address system , saying to let the police do their raid and then “get the f— out.”

It seems the media was tipped off that there would be a raid because guys like @TomPodolec were at the scene with cameras.


Meanwhile, cops were also executing search warrants and taking this safe from a home, according to @FirstNewsGTA.


The ultimate insult? The party was over because cops took away the door prizes.

Picture 6

And TVs.

Picture 7

Back at the houses, the fuzz was taking motorcycles and jet skis.

Picture 8

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