Her Lights Also Went Out At The Super Bowl & More Screencapping Fun


morning twitpics

Imagine paying $1,800 or so to take your girlfriend/wife to the Super Bowl. You pay for the travel. You pay for the hotel. You pay for the Hurricanes at Pat O’Briens. You pay for her gambling funds at Harrahs. Then you go to the game and she passes out. And that’s not just any sleep. That’s a deep sleep. Notice the lips.

Let this be a lesson to all you guys who feel pressured to take the wife/girlfriend to a major sporting event. Save this post.

It’s not in your best interest.

(via @DjDavidHn)

As for the NFL Network, someone is looking for a new job this morning. This is just inexcusable.



Um, what is that?



Um, what the hell is that?



Solid effort from the CBS crew.



Um, what is that?



This isn’t the best effort from the NY Post, but it gets the job done. How can’t the post get one more jab in on Ray Lewis and the murder? Rave On? Not digging it.

Picture 5

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